Converging Paths Music: The Complete Works

Slung Low composer Heather Fenoughty has been hard at work throughout 2012 scoring and re scoring the main themes and songs from Converging Paths, reinventing them for each instalment.

She’s arranged them and rearranged them for the various formations of our wonderful choir partners, The 24. We’ve heard them rise up from the choir, hidden at amongst the audience in ‘Darkness at the Sun Court’ on a frosty Scarborough night and atop the roof of Richmond Castle as the sun set during ‘Keep’. We’ve been serenaded by them during a somber, wake-like meal of whisky & salmon on the back of a trailer in Grassington Festivals ‘Retrospective’ and seen the songs transformed for a 6 piece band, the Early Cartographers, hidden behind a train on the platform at Cattal in Harrogate International Festivals ‘Memorial.’

Where and how we will find them in the conclusion of the series, ‘Story Book’, at Ryedale Festival, remains to be seen.

You can be part of it, joining us at the end, at Pickering Castle on 28th July, 8.30pm.

Book tickets HERE

In the meantime, why not listen to these 8 fantastic recordings? Composed by Heather Fenoughty for Slung Low and performed by The 24, York University Choir.

Listen to the music HERE

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