About Converging Paths

About Converging Paths

Converging Paths is a series of new performance pieces made by Slung Low based on the novel The Ground Remembers by Matthew David Scott.

Each of the five new pieces will play a different North Yorkshire festival throughout 2012, drawing on the personality and geography of the five towns; Scarborough, Pickering, Richmond, Harrogate and Grassington.

Each festival show is a stand-alone experience that can be enjoyed on its own.

Taken as a whole, five distinct variations on a narrative theme, the pieces converge into one epic, audience adventure.

You can see Converging Paths performances in Scarborough, Richmond, Grassington Harrogate and Pickering throughout 2012.

Select individual projects through links on the home page for more information.

About Slung Low 

Slung Low has been making theatre for the last ten years.

Slung Low’s aim has always been to make unlikely, ambitious and original adventures for audiences, each with powerful, moving story at its heart. Shows that re-examine how audiences go and see a piece of theatre. Our ambition has always been to transport our audience to new places and to make them see familiar places from new perspectives.

The work we make in the coming few years will continue those ambitions.

More information can be found about Slung Low here: www.slunglow.org

Slung Low are avid Twitterers and will be busy Tweeting about all 5 Converging Paths pieces.

You can follow the company and the projects through the following:

@slunglow @scottyslunglow @slunglowalan @mattangove @barneygeorge @heatherfen @producingpete

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