II. Richmond

About Keep

Helen, Philip and Edwin are best friends. They do everything together. Helen tells the boys stories, stories about the three of them and the world they live in, all wrapped up in fantasy and fairy-tale and truth.

One night Helen disappeared. Her clothes are found by the side of a river. No trace of her is ever found.

It’s 10 years later. Edwin and Philip are about to find out everything.

“…the only reason I knew I wasn’t drowning was that suddenly it got brighter, everything got brighter – and all those senses that had been fuzzed out, they started to come back so sharp, so focused, and the sucking at new air.”

Tickets for Keep are available to reserve here:

About Swaledale Festival

The Swaledale Festival is a two week mix of music, exhibitions, workshops, talks, drama, poetry and guided walks, in chapels and churches, village halls and pubs and castles and in the open air of the lovely northern Yorkshire Dales. World-class artists appearing from 19 May – 3 June 2012 include Brodsky Quartet, Richard Rodney Bennet, the European Union Chamber Orchestra, the King;s Singers and Ian McMillan. There are puppets, quoits, brass bands, a storytelling tent and much, much more for visitors of all ages and most interests. Come to Swaledale festival, where summer begins.


The York Pullman Bus Company

We’d like to thank The York Pullman Bus Company for all their help with making Keep happen!

They have been keeping our fantastic choir partners, The 24, from University of York safe as they’re ferried from festival to festival on the winding roads of North Yorkshire!

You can find out more about them HERE

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