V. Pickering

About Story Book

Helen, Philip and Edwin are best friends. They do everything together. Helen tells the boys stories, stories about the three of them and the world they live in, all wrapped up in fantasy and fairy-tale and truth. One night Helen disappeared. Her clothes were discovered by the side of a river. No trace of her, or her book of stories, is ever found. But the stories can still be told. And they will be tonight.

“To listen to someone else’s story – well, it’s the most compassionate thing a human being can do… transformative, shape shifting. It’s nothing short of a miracle.”

You can book tickets for Storybook here:

About Ryedale Festival

The two-week Ryedale Festival, held in late July each year, is one of the most enterprising and attractive music festivals in England.  From its beginnings in 1981 it has gone from strength to strength, earning itself a national and even international reputation for its excellent musical and literary events held at spectacular historical venues in this beautiful area of North Yorkshire.

For more information about Ryedale Festival, please visit: www.ryedalefestival.co.uk

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