Installing at the Sun Court

Installing at the Sun Court

In the summer, many things happen in Scarborough: donkey rides, arcades, ice cream sellers and boat trips. In winter, the only thing that happens is that things freeze. Everything freezes. Pipes, water tanks, vans, people and even electricity freezes in Scarborough. Nevertheless we persevere. We’ve taken to knitting ‘Light Cosies’ and working the actors outside in 30 minute bursts. A snowy stage causes many difficulties including disappearing props. At night, after sundown, when the worst of the weather is with us, the actors place objects on the ground, walk across the stage and back again only to find that their props have vanished.

Such is life making a show outside in Scarborough in the middle of winter. However, other things make up for the cold.

The North Sea turns out to make a fantastic cyclorama and the massive projector borrowed from the lovely folks in Sheffield creates stunning artificial backdrops on the back of the bandstand. No one thought such an ambitious project as Converging Pathswould be simple, especially this first instalment before the graces of spring and summer arrive.

It’s the balancing of the vision and the difficulty that is making the work tough but also pretty exciting. It’s the cold that makes this all so difficult, and the unique use of space that makes light and sound so unpredictable. However, it’s the cold that makes the light crisper and the winter that makes the night darker – it’s the use of space that makes the work more accessible to a broader audience and transforms a space normally useless and ignored in the winter months into an enigmatic, beautiful place worth travelling for and persevering with.

If transforming places with stories is at the heart of Slung Low’s work, than this project more than any other might just be taking the biscuit.

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