• Converging Paths

    Converging Paths was a series of fiver performances for five North Yorkshire festivals made by Slung low during 2012.

    Each instalment is interlinked, but each stands alone as a unique piece of performance.

    All five shows are drawn from different parts of the novel, The Ground Remembers, by Slung Low’s co-founder and writer, Matthew David Scott, published by Parthian.

    Please feel free to explore this site, where you can find images, production diaries, blogs, video and sound from the Converging Paths series, as well as more info about the people who made it happen.

  • I. Darkness at the Sun Court

    11th February 2012 @ Coastival Festival, Scarborough 

    Darkness at the Sun Court was performed for one night only at the Sun Court in Scarborough’s Spa Complex as part of Coastival 2012. It is the first  performance of five in the Converging Paths series.

    Browse the I. Scarborough tab above for blogs, info, sound and images from the project.

  • II. Keep

    3rd June @ Richmond Castle, Swaledale Festival

    Keep was the 2nd instalment of the Converging Paths series.

    Performed for one night only at the magnificent Richmond Castle, Keep formed the final performance of the 2012 Swaledale Festival.

    Visit the II. Richmond Page in the Menue above for photos, sound and blogs from the show.

  • IV. Memorial

    12-th14th July, 8.30pm @ Harrogate International Festivals

    Memorial formed the fourth part of the Converging Paths series. Performed across Harrogate Town Centre, a Northern Rail train and at Cattal Railway Station, Memorial was part of Harrogate International Festivals.

    Images, sound, blogs and more are available at the IV. Harrogate page above.

  • V. Story Book

    28th July 2012, 8.30pm @ Pickering Castle, Ryedale Festival

    Story Book was the fifth and final instalment of the Converging Paths series. Performed for one night only, it formed part of Ryedale Festival and took place at Pickering Castle.

    Images, sound, blogs and more can be found by visiting the V. Pickering page above.

  • III. Retrospective

    18th-23rd June 2012, 8.30pm @ The Devonshire Institute,  Grassington Festival

    Retrospective was the third instalment of the Converging Paths series. It saw solo performer, Christopher Brand lead an intimate audience of 15 around the beautiful town of Grassington and telling the tale of departed boxer, Tiger Thomas.

    Performed as part of Grassington Festival 2012. Images, sound, blogs and more available by visiting the III. Grassington page above.