DATSC Music and The Choir, 24

Some musical bits and pieces in the run up to DATSC, and a little more info on our partners for the Converging Paths project, The 24. Slung Low Composer, Heather Fenoughty has shared a snipped of music from the top of Darkness at the Sun Court to wet the appetites of those of you coming to join us forDarkness at the Sun Court tomorrow here in Scarborough. If you were thinking of shying off due to rail replacement buses, the warmth of your bed or the soothing sounds of James Martin on Saturday Kitchen, then think again. This version of the music is from early on in the show and plays as a digital representation. During the show itself, the music will be performed by the fantastic singers from University of York, more specifically from the choir, The 24.

Each of the 5 instalments in the Converging Paths series will feature re-workings of Heather’s score audiences joining us for more than one of the pieces, may begin to recognise themes and melodies as they return. Each of the pieces will feature the music performed live by The 24 in various formations across the castles, seaside spas, train stations and farmyards which are playing host to the performances.

The 24 are no strangers to unusual locations having performed in hallowed spaces such as Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, the Chinese Consulate in Manchester and Paxton Festival, Scotland. Members of the choir have been touring Germany recently whilst still finding time to give 5 concerts last season at their base in the University of York. So here’s the music, enjoy, and do join us tomorrow at The Spa Complex in Scarborough for the real thing and much more being performed live…

Click Here to Listen to an extract from the score of Darkness at the Sun Court

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