Special Bus for Story Book

Slung Low love being based in Leeds. The Holbeck Underground Ballroom gives us a base in the city and a practical way to engage with the city’s arts scene.

But we don’t get to make as much work in the city as we’d like. Which means that the people in Leeds and Bradford who have supported us over the last few years don’t get a chance to see our work as much we wish.

And then we were told that not all the tickets had gone for the Pickering show Story Book, the final part of Converging Paths.

That is taking place on the 28th July at 830pm.

A couple of people got in touch to say that it was proving impossible to reach the venue by public transport and so we thought let’s lay on a bus.

There’ll be no charge, if you’d like to donate something to cover the trip someone will pass round a hat at the end.

The bus will leave from in front of the main entrance to the West Yorkshire Playhouse at 6.00pm on Saturday 28th July. The show will begin at 8.30pm at the castle and the bus will bring you back to Leeds after the show.

If you’d like to come along- and we hope you do- you can book a ticket to the show (free) and a ticket on the bus (pay what you can) through the one eventbrite page HERE

Any questions or problems email laura@slunglow.org

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