An Intro to DATSC

Darkness at the Sun Court | WELCOME!

On 11th February 2012, Slung Low will present Darkness at the Sun Court, the first of the five Converging Paths performances at the Sun Court at the Spa Complex in (hopefully snowy but not rainy!) Scarborough.

The show has already SOLD OUT. However, if you were unable to book to be there in person, yet are still ever so curious as to why a group of artists could possibly want to make a show outside, on the east coast of Yorkshire at the start of February, then fear not! We will be blogging here, on the “I. Scarborough” page.

This week sees the company enter rehearsals after extensive R&D involving Lucy May Hind testing her lung capacity to the max in diving pools, Alan and Matt setting fire to fuel on water (I watched on like a giddy child) and Producer Laura exploring the world of ice manufacturing.

Lovely actors, Andrew London and Nathan McMullen arrived at the HUB looking ever so slightly concerned with the prospect of a week in 5 railway arches, closely followed by a week in a freezing cold ‘sun bathing court’ in Scarborough. A ‘cosy’ read-through ensued around the stove followed by a production meeting.

I think it’s normal, for the first meetings where a team is all in one place, with a deadline looming, to provoke many questions. This was certainly the case on Monday and questions that arose included:

Why are we doing this? Wasn’t Bradford, a novel, some photos, a durational performance involving wedding dresses and Alan drinking lager enough? Which will be colder – Holbeck or Scarborough? Holbeck. How long does it take to heat a tub of water? How high are the walls at the Sun Court? Should Matt stand outside for the whole show? Can we hide lights in a van? How ‘bad’ does ‘bad weather’ have to be before you cancel a show? Wouldn’t it be great if it snowed? Wouldn’t it be bad if it rained? No, but wouldn’t it be magical if it snowed? Is there another version of the show we can do in a storm? What constitutes a storm? How waterproof are all these things we’ve bought? Can we fashion Sherlock Holmes-like breathing tubes from fizzy drink straws? Which will be colder – Holbeck or Scarborough? Scarborough. Definitely Scarborough.

Today, projectors are arriving, the actors are trying to get the script on it’s feet and props are gathering in the HUB, the challenge of the weather, the possibilities of a ‘sun bathing’ court in February are being explored with planning as much as possible, and a dose of blind optimism. No one really knows ‘how wet’ might be too wet’ and ‘how blue’ an actor is allowed to get under Equity guidelines, but it’s exciting to feel a buzz about the place as this truly epic series of shows begins in earnest.

There will be more posts to follow over the next week and a half including some sound and photos.

In the meantime, why not take a gander at the show copy below?

Darkness at the Sun Court | SHOW COPY 

Helen, Philip and Edwin are best friends. They do everything together. Helen tells the boys stories, stories about the three of them and the world they live in, all wrapped up in fantasy and fairy tale and truth. One night Helen goes missing. Her clothes are found by the side of a river. No trace of her is every found.

It’s 10 years later. Edwin and Philip are about to find out everything.

Award winning theatre company Slung Low, the Sun Court as a stage, the North Sea as a back-drop and whatever the Yorkshire weather fancies doing in February. This is where Converging Paths starts it’s journey through North Yorkshire five festivals – be there at the beginning.

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