Audience Feedback from Grassington Festival

Below follows some feedback from audiences who braved the rain, midges and hills to join us at Grassington Festival for six performances of Retrospective, in which actor Chris Brand led the audience about the village, a ghost leading us through a ghost town as the story of Tiger Thomas unravelled. Eventually arriving atop a hill, looking across the village of Grassington the audience supped whiskey, taking in the North Yorkshire sunset before he walks off up a pathway filled with mist.

Here’s what they had to say:

We were lucky enough to get 2 cancellations to the performance this afternoon. What a special experience, to be here, but not to be here and to share that with the small group. Both mysterious and familiar, a superb performance.

A first for me! Certainly has given me the appetite for more (and not just the whiskey!) Well done!

Really interesting, powerful, interactive piece which engaged us to understand hidden narratives in Grassington. Many thanks, really enjoyed the surprises!

An Amazing Evening! This was a fabulous experience! Wonderfully evocative and atmospheric.

The show had really poignant moments, loved the recurring motifs, images. Great performance too, and thank you for the whiskey and salmon!

Bizarre and thought provoking, an evening well spent! 

It was unusual, beautifully acted, atmospheric, creative. Loved it! 

A magical and moving performance that brought the story to life. Excellent. Privileged to have come.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing +10.

I liked the way the run up to the event was so secretive – it really increased anticipation! 

One thought on “Audience Feedback from Grassington Festival

  1. I went to the show at Harrogate Festival last Friday (13 July) and was bemused, beguiled, unsettled, moved and filled with admiration for the cast and technical crew’s expertise in transporting us, the audience, in more ways than one. We’re still talking about it today and, not being given the opportunity at the end of the show, would like to express out thanks to Slung Low for a truly immersive experience like no other. Wish we were able to participate in the next instalment at the Ryedale Festival, but prior appointment precludes….

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